This one goes out to all the dads out there stepping in the gap. Foster? Adopt? You’re not alone!! Come share the adventure with me and tell me your stories!

I’m Kevin, and I’m just a guy that is trying to follow Christ down this crazy path, married to an amazing woman that challenges and encourages me daily, stumbling through a version of fatherhood that I never would have understood before. We foster. We’ve adopted. And we will adopt more! It’s too much crazy not to love!

Thanks for stopping by. Drop a comment or ten. Let me know what you think, and what I can do better. Share your own stories. I would love to read them! If you are reading my blog, then you may already know some of the publishing issues I have. If you don’t, let me throw this out there. The state has a pretty strict policy on what is and is not appropriate to post, socially. In short, I can’t specifically identify any child in state care. I have to be creative with what I am saying when talking about a situation. If I’m being vague, it’s probably intentional.