A change of heart. Responding to the white supremacist movement.

I’m holding B, my youngest son, this morning and wondering how someone could hate him because of his brown skin. He is such a beautiful person.

It’s OK to have a change of mind; a change of heart. In my youth, I would argue the stance that the confederate flag was somehow a banner of my heritage. And that’s not entirely untrue. But unfortunately, it doesn’t take much research at all to see the deeply rooted racism that motivated the Civil War. In fact, just read the Articles of Secession. Those are official state documents. Let that sink in. A state officially proclaiming black people as an inferior people unworthy of being free of ownership.

No, we haven’t come so far as we would like to think. Not at all. People are infusing the American flag with the Nazi flag, and rallying to and protecting a banner of racism and slavery while chanting “white lives matter”. Could we be more obvious? How are people appalled that acts like this are met with opposition? That should be the norm. They should be opposed. But, it shouldn’t be black people standing against this by themselves. Times are different now. Racism isn’t as much the problem now as the vast majority of bystanders quietly watching it all. We have to stop this.

There was a time in my life that I could not have loved a black child enough to father them. And now, I don’t understand that person. I don’t really know the me of my youth anymore. Maybe it was fear or misunderstanding. I don’t know.

I do atribute the changing power of the Gospel of Christ for my ability to love my kids, though. He taught me what sacrifice really means. He taught me how to close my mouth and open my heart. He called me into the most difficult and complex venture of my life and showed me how to sacrifice that old me to do it. I know heartache and pain like I’ve never known. And I know love and joy like I never could have imagined. This supremacy movement is against people worth fighting for; worth dying for.

I’m holding B, my youngest son, this morning. Really, it’s ok to have a change of heart.

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